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I'm a versatile Art Director and Graphic Designer with over ten year’s experience on multi-platform design projects. I'm equally talented at leading large-scale projects for established brands or at birthing new ones. I've studied Visual Arts and Graphic Design and I draw my inspiration from various forms of creation, which are transposed in my work. I'm from Montreal and I actually live in Copenhagen.

Curious and passionate, I'm always looking for innovative ideas. Finding appropriate solutions to graphic problems is something I keep in mind for every mandate I'm given. My work experience and technical abilities have enabled me to be self-reliant whether I'm creating or producing. As a result, I can accelerate design prototyping and broaden design options to best suit the needs of clients and the nature of their projects.

Otherwise I regularly do some research for personal and creative projects in order to widen the scope of my abilities, welcome other career opportunities, and keep my creativity and skills in motion.

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