I am an Art Director and Designer with more than 15 years of experience on multi-platform design projects. I have studied Visual Arts and Graphic Design in Canada and I also hold a Master in Spatial Designs and Society made in Denmark.

In the discipline of Design, I have been engaged in multiple working contexts and collaborated with a diversity of people. It has enriched my knowledge around a variety of things and topics like landscape architecture, digital transactions, fashion or retail. I believe that almost all forms of designs should be a fine balance between aesthetics and functionalities. Along the process for project accomplishment, I see the faced challenges as a great source of motivation and inspiration. This discipline allows me to evolve and constantly learn while I am creating or producing which is something of great value to me.

I worked independently and in various teams, agencies and firms with clients from Canada, Ireland, United-States, France, and Denmark. Having a broad understanding of people from different business cultures and backgrounds, I have learned that the most important ingredient for making great work is the team itself. In other words, project success depends on the cooperation between the people behind. I am attentive to others and enjoy working in teams where I engage myself with devotion.

I believe in Design development for the quality of life. Being curious and passionate, I am always interested to look for innovative ideas. My work strengths include branding, brochure, retail, display, signage, direct marketing, event, Web, mobile application, etc.

Creativity is something that runs through everything I do. I enjoy and practice various form of arts and crafts like drawing, knitting and dancing to keep my creativity and skills in motion. These hobbies are a source of inspiration, which widens the scope of my abilities.

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