Malmö Aquarium

First open in 1937, Malmö Aquarium is located in Malmö Museer, Scandinavia oldest surviving Renaissance castle. It is the only aquarium in Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden. In 2013, a redesign project started and this to improve employees working environment as well as animals living one. And, to create a better experience for visitors where digital tools were implemented for communicative devices. It reopened officially in 2016. The year after, I participated in a small research group about this redesign project.

We investigated the main challenges faced by the team during the process. In addition, we analyzed some issues and aspects in relation to the redesign process such as being part of the municipality, being part of a museum and being an educational institution. Different target groups had to be considered in the communication angle and in the site redesign. Combined with designing for animals and other living species, the team had to ensure a proper environment following security regulations and rules of the Museum.

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